If You Loved “Stranger Things”, These 7 Books Will Rock Your World!

Haven’t read all the books on this list yet, but loved the show and loving the titles!

Books Rock My World

What a summer! Netflix managed to warp entire generations back into an era of genre movies, shows, books… Who doesn’t remember loving movies like E.T., Carrie, Stand By Me, Goonies, Poltergeist, Close Encounters of the Third Kind etc. Everybody knew who Steven Spielberg was, everybody knew who Steven King was. It was an exciting period! And yes, we collectively missed every single second of it.
Since then movies basically changed. Television has changed. Storytelling changed. It became safer, in a way.

Netflix recognized this collective yearning for some different times, luckily for us, and decided to take a bold step by investing into Stranger Things.  I have to say, I missed being immersed in a story like this one.
The whole feeling of the show is very 80’s. Dark and gritty. Bold, atmospheric, colourful! Amazing characters, both grown-up or children. And don’t even start me on the soundtrack… That music was PERFECTION!

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