Ten Count, Vol. 1 by Rihito Takarai


Book Review-Ten Count Vol 1

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I recently picked up the first volume of a yaoi series that I had heard nothing about because it was new, the cover was enticing, anddddddd did I mention the delicious cover? This manga turned out to be a lot different from what I had walked into it expecting. Generally in my yaoi reading experience (which is not that vast) I only encounter series’ (and/or volumes in a series) that do not contain smut and sexually charged text when the characters are in high school (or just younger than 18). So because the main characters and love interests, Shirotani and Kurose, are adults I was expecting to get smut, and lots of it. What I received was the farthest thing from smut (but in a good way). So, if you are a yaoi reader who only really enjoys the sex scenes and story lines that are rich with sensual content, then Ten Count, Vol. 1 may not be for you.

It was interesting to see a yaoi that has a main protagonist with a mental illness, and on top of that for that disability to be an integral part of the story-line. I did have a few things about the way that OCD and Mysophobia were addressed that I felt were not handled that well. “Solutions” felt “too easy”, and  I feel that it can be unhealthy to perpetuate that if someone just simply does something out of their comfort zone they will be “healed”.

In all honesty, I could not justify giving the first volume (by itself) a rating any higher than 6 out of 10 unicorn horns. The overall reading experience was ‘just okay’, but I feel like that is mainly because this volume is to enrich and set-up future volumes and cannot wait to see where it goes.


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