The Host by Stephanie Meyer

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You know, I never thought I’d actually pick up this book and read it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually one of those people that loved Twilight (not crazy about it, hated some things here and there, but overall I loved it), but more cause I’m not a big alien fan- a few movies aside. Even after reading I Am Number Four (the first book) and really liking it, I still had no interest in reading this. I was content to let it sit on my to-read shelf and never read a single page. But then I came across it at the library and, for some reason, I brought it home. After a few days I finally picked it up thinking, why not? I’ll just read a few pages and if I don’t like it, I can put it back and… I liked, kinda even loved it. In fact, I was shocked that Meyer could write like this. Sure sometimes it seems to drop back and starts feeling a bit too close to Twilight, but for the main part I believe this book deserves to stand apart. Whether or not you notice all the things this book is getting across this book does make you think, and I mean in a way Twilight’s shallowness never did. 

So if you somehow don’t already know: It’s about two characters, an alien named Wanderer and a human named Melanie that come to inhabit the same body…well it’s more like Wanderer tries to take over Melanie’s body as the other aliens (or Souls) had been doing to the entire human race. Usually a take over from the aliens goes well, so well most humans cease to exist anymore, but very rarely the human host fights back. This is how Wanderer expected things to go, but much to her surprise Melanie fights back. This leads to an unexpected adventure, mystery, character growth, action, and of course some complicated romance (which was MUCH better done than in Twilight).  

I absolutely loved the differences in the characters. I loved Wanderer, she’s one of my favorite characters, and really liked Melanie and the other three male characters as well. Usually her kind of behaviour would irritate me to no end, but for some reason I like her even more for it.

You get a broader range of them than I had expected (as in characters with some actual depth and growth). I never found the story all that slow, even at the seemingly slow parts if that makes sense. I was too caught up in the two main character’s Wanderer and Melanie, the amount of imagination put into parts, and the alien vs. soul/human conflict, and wondering how in the heck it would end to be bored. I kept getting these insanely high amount of urges to flip ahead and figure out what would happen next. Which I never do, I hardly ever skip to the back of a book unless I’m trying to encourage myself to read/finish reading a book I’ve pretty much already given up on. It almost felt like my short bouts of insanity when waiting for a book release. Though the main reason for my anxiety was wondering if I could trust Meyer not to kill my characters (I say my because I almost always get insanely attached to most characters I read about, even if I don’t really like them or the book). I had felt much safer reading Twilight.

It’s actually a really good book. Not what I expected, definitely worth reading, even buying. It gets 8.5/10 Unicorn Horns from me and I’d say it deserves to stand apart from the Twilight Saga. I’d also welcome a sequel but it’s honestly not needed.

Side note: While of course the movie left things out and changed others, it is one of the better book-to-movie adaptions out there and worth checking out.


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