Tell The Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt

*This Review is Spoiler Free*

Tell The Wolves I'm Home

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Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt follows June Elbus, a 14 y.o. girl who has just lost her uncle/bestfriend Finn to an illness that her family refuses to name. At Finn’s funeral June notices an unfamiliar man hovering at the outskirts of the funeral proceedings and at a later date receives a package from this stranger as well as an invitation to meet. June accepts the invitation and proceeds to form a kinship with the stranger, Toby. Toby turns out to be her late uncle’s partner and is able to help June along her grief process as well as helping her discover/realize things about Finn and her relationship with him.

I remember closing this book for the last time, looking around me and just wanting someone to talk to about the book. I pretty much walked around in a blur for a week trying to regain my composure and return to reality. This book is an emotional read, and I feel like most of the connection some readers are able to make is purely based on emotions and the subject matters of death, AIDS in the 80/90s and how it was handled, and homophobia.

I really really enjoyed this book. I would re-read it (…probably more than once). But, when I do, I would make sure to read it more critically. My first read was purely with my heart…so I am the first to admit that my rating is incredibly biased. With that said I am giving this novel a 7-out-of-10 unicorn horns.


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  1. I’ve been constantly wondering about picking this up. I’m so glad you liked it haha and I agree with the whole “reading with my heart” idea. I try to read that way too but most of the time I notice glaring issues in books so that kind of ruins the enjoyment.

    I will def add this to my list now ^^

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