Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier



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I went into this middle grade paranormal comic not knowing what to expect since I hadn’t read the synopsis or any other reviews on it before picking it up. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of diversity in this stand alone. 

So if you’re like I was and haven’t already heard of this book, I’ll give you a short spoiler free synopsis. The story follows main character Catrina A.K.A Cat and her younger sister Maya as they move to a new city primarily in the hope of seeing an improvement- or given the nature of the hereditary illness- a stabilization of Maya’s chronic disorder. As Cat struggles to adjust to the big move, a neighbour lets loose a well known fact about the town: the weather and location is a prime area for the ghosts of the dead to frequently visit the living.

This was overall an enjoyable read that primarily focused on overcoming fear, dealing with accepting a very difficult reality, the afterlife (nothing too complicated), and even had hint of romance. It also touches a bit on 1st generation immigration issues when it comes to tradition verses American culture- though this is more a passing comment than an actual theme. The main characters Cat and Maya were pretty well rounded. Maya’s personality, despite the complicated situation she’s faced with was primarily upbeat which helped cut what may have been a pretty depressing read lol, though she was pretty mature for her age. Cat on the other hand was wonderfully filled with conflicting, complicated emotions, some negative and some positive, which made her feel more realistic than if she had been a perfect older sister. I really liked getting to watch her develop as a character. Genuinely enjoyed the other characters as well, but wish I could have learned more about the neighbour. 

Though I really enjoyed this story I can’t help feeling like…I dunno…there could have been more? Like there was something missing? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but maybe I only felt this way because it’s out of my age range lol. I’d still definitely recommend it to others and don’t regret my purchase. Hopefully a re-read at a later time can help me pinpoint what felt lacking from the story, but until then can only give this a 6.5/10 unicorn horns.



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