The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

*This Review is Spoiler Free*


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The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke was a pretty enjoyable fantasy read for me, and meshed together a lot of different fantasy creatures-from magicians to mythical creatures- into a successful adventure story teeming with magic and it’s share of romantic tension. Within the first two chapters we get the main character, a 16yr old pirate woman named Ananna of the Tanarau, running away from an arranged marriage to Tarrin of the Hariri, the son of Captain Hariri and head of the notorious Hariri pirate merchant clan. Unfortunately for Ananna crossing the Hariri clan is something that just isn’t done, and she soon finds herself running from a man thought to be nothing more than a fairy tale: an assassin. Interestingly enough through an unexpected series of events  Ananna and this assassin find themselves magically bound to each other through a curse. I won’t go into anything more but the first few chapters had me interested, and the next few had me hooked.

Though the main character’s personality and attitude did get on my nerves sometimes (okay, her occasional counterproductive stubbornness downright made me want to strangle the living daylights out of her), overall Ananna was a likable character. She’s a strong, determined, and emotionally honest character which I LOVED, especially since this meant a significant lack of angst, and who would usually do as she pleased when she wanted (a true pirate at heart…minus the honesty), but wasn’t so full of herself that she would disregard or mistreat the people around her. Thankfully my issues with her lessened towards the end of the book and in the second installment. The other main character, Naji, though not entirely unlike Ananna in the stubbornness area, was a bit more likable in my opinion and I really enjoyed the way Clarke slowly revealed the mystery enveloping his character.

Regardless, the other characters (who I can’t really mention without spoiling something) I loved getting to know, and the story was good. I struggled for some time as to whether this would go on my favorites list or not, and ultimately decided not too add it. This was not because is isn’t a great story filled with enough fantasy, action, mystery, romance, and adventure to keep most interested, it just started to fall short as a series on a whole. Assassin’s Curse is in my opinion a successful fantasy series, and deserves some love, or at least a chance. It just fell a bit short for me towards the end. Not so much that it took a lot away from my enjoyment, but just enough that I couldn’t justify putting it next to other series I know I enjoyed a lot more.

Overall 7/10 unicorn horns



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