Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy Mcginnis

*This Review is Spoiler Free*


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I was actually pretty apprehensive about reading this book when it first came out, not so much because of all the mixed reviews I saw it getting, but more because I was getting tired of generic Y.A. series and figured this was no different than all the others like it; a predictable post-apocalyptic Y.A. story about a strong female that kicks ass (which are the usually the types of stories I love to pieces but had just been getting a bit bored of, sorry to say). But recently I’ve been attempting to show some love to the neglected to-be-read books on my shelf and this is one of, shamefully, many that came up as needing to be read. So I finally decided to take the plunge and try it out, and was surprised. Turns out, I was only half right. It was, in my opinion, a predictable story, and one that happened to be about a strong teenage girl that kicks-ass, but it was equally unpredictable. Though I could guess at most, definitely not all, of the major events I was almost always presently surprised with details that caught me off guard.

Before I get into anything more, Not a Drop to Drink  is about a young teenage girl named Lynn and her mother living in there house and trying their hardest to survive the aftermath of an unexpected water shortage decades earlier. Lynn, born after the water shortage apocalypse first ripped through the world, has lived her entire life knowing only the grim and difficult life of barely managing to survive, never knowing if they will have enough food and water to drink and always fearing the face of any human being besides her mothers…and maybe the old neighbour. Usually the two women deal with any trespassers harshly…by killing them on spot. Survival being the number one concern for them (not to mention the additional obvious fears/concerns of being female in such a time) mercy isn’t a word that they can afford to entertain, but an unexpected turn of events makes Lynn reconsider some of the rules of her practical upbringing.

Not a Drop to Drink was much better than I had been expecting…though I hadn’t been expecting much to be honest. It was also written in a much different tone than I had thought it would be. Instead of the usual this story offered a lot in terms of communication, interaction, and relationships between characters, rather than focusing on action and major events. Don’t get me wrong. This story has it’s fare share of action, suspense, drama, etc., it just didn’t always seem like the main focus of the story, which is a change I enjoyed. The the backstories, and the scenarios and the way they were carried out are things I was really impressed with, since they struck me as so realistic and almost never failed to catch me off guard in some way even when I thought I’d figured it all out. Though there was one character that seemed a bit off to me. Didn’t really take away from my overall enjoyment much, it was just that their presence in the story in comparison with the rest just came off as pretty inconsequential when they should have felt like a more central character (sorry, can’t really explain it without spoiling something, but just had to mention it anyway). It wasn’t one of my favs, yet it’s one I may re-read out of enjoyment in the future. All in all this was a good start to the post-apocalyptic Y.A. duology and I am looking forward to reading the second installment.

I’m stuck on whether or not to give it 7 or 8, so overall: 7.5-10 unicorn horns


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