Nailbiter,Volume 1. by Joshua Williamson & Adam Guzowski


*This Review is Spoiler Free*


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“I cannot rest until I solve this puzzle. Until I know what changes the citizens of this town into serial killers. Are they born here…or are they made?”

Nailbiter surrounds a diverse set of characters, Sheriff Shannon Crane, Nicholas Finch a former army intelligence officer, and a very famous (alleged) serial killer known as Edward “The Nailbiter” Warren. The story begins with a grizzly background scene of when Warren was first captured by authorities, before jumping to the present (3 years later) to main protagonist Nicolas Finch as he gets a call from an FBI buddy, Elliot Carroll, calling him to a small fictional town in Oregon notorious for turning up “16 of the world’s worst serial killers” within a few generations alone. This chilling and abnormal mystery captures the attention of media and detectives alike (as is the case with Carroll). Unfortunately for Finch trouble begins to snowball the moment he arrives in town, and with the disappearance of his friend Carroll, burning building, and unexpected corpses pilling up he’s got no better choice than to team up with the local sheriff Shannon Crane and even, reluctantly, get some clues from the local serial killer- The Nailbitter. 

To be honest I was getting a bit tired with all the Halloween horror reads I’ve been doing this month-some with much less horror than others-and seriously considered just reviewing a random romance novel for the heck of it, but Nailbiter is one of the comics that have been calling my name for awhile now so I decided to give it a go. It is the type of story that’s right up my alley, and isn’t big on the horror-I wasn’t the least bit horrified reading this despite the touch of gore- but has a really good story-line going for it. Though I wasn’t the least bit surprised with any of the events throughout the story, I could still feel the build of of suspense in each chapter as things snowballed to the climax. While getting to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the small town is the main goal here I found the the idea of uncovering the lingering mystery behind the main characters’ pasts to be something I was occasionally looking forward just as much.There is still tons to learn as the mystery of the town has only begun to be uncovered by the end of the volume leaving me with more questions than answers. 

Though the story as a whole feels like it has all the right pieces going for it (including the well rounded and divers characters) it doesn’t yet stand out much for me in the pool of others similar to it. However, there is quite a bit of promise for it to become one of my favorites in later volumes. 7.5 Unicorn Horns


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