Wytches by Scott Snyder & Jock

*This Review is Spoiler Free*


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This comic has got to be one of the best horror stories I’ve come across in  a very long time, but not because it was amazingly told or had mind-blowing characters or anything like that. The characters and stories are good with a couple twists and development here and there, but to be completely honest they were nothing all that special in my opinion. Yet this is still what I would call one of the best, simply because it had what I consider REAL horror. That’s it. As someone who grew up watching movies like Poltergeist, Hannibal, Chucky, Pet Cemetery, and just about every Steven Speilberg movie out there I haven’t been too impressed with the type of horror movies being put out today (enjoyable stuff, but they tend to lean much more towards thrillers/straight up gore than horror). This story, however, is a much appreciated throwback to my good old type of horror story.

Wytches is a story surrounding a small family, Charlie, Lucy, and primarily their daughter Sailor, after they move to a small town in the hopes of starting over and escaping past trauma. Unfortunately their problems are the type to slowly creep after them no matter where they try to hide.

This was, for me, a pretty clichéd horror story what with the whole family moving to a new town before shit hits the fan thing, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment. Sailor was the type of main character I enjoy getting to watch stumble and grow, and Charlie (her father and arguably the real main character) was everything I look for in a main horror story character- brave, weak, strong, smart, and genuinely terrified. It would have been great if the story was a bit longer but the extent to which Snyder fleshed out his characters personalities (namely Charlie) was very impressive. The art was beautiful, though some of the colouring actually made some scenes a bit hard to understand.

A really good story for those looking for a great Halloween Read and aren’t afraid of few graphic scenes here and there. Personally it’s around a 7/10 but overall I think it’s a lot closer to 6.5/10 Unicorn Horns overall.




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