Aoharu X Machinegun by NAOE

*This Review is Spoiler Free*


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I, Tachibana will not allow such acts of evil to come to pass. I will bring judgement down upon that host! Prepare yourself fiend!

Sorry for the late post. I didn’t expect the recent time change to effect the time for pre-scheduled posts but here it is:

It’s a really good thing no one was around to witness all the fangirling I did once I realized this was available for pre-order in North America. This is by far one of my favorite contemporary (with all those impossible martial arts moves not even sure if it really fits in this genre lol) comedic fiction series so far. To be honest this had me bursting out in unexpected laughter (which turned many heads in public) in a much more satisfying way than One Punch, which I actually liked, ever did. Over dramatized drama and action, sexual innuendos, and a dash of farcical humour is what made this comedy something that is right up my alley. This was in addition to a primarily unique story-line. Hands down 8.5 out of 10 unicorn horns

 Aoharu X Machinegun begins with the main character, 16 year old high schooler Hotaru Tachibana, excitedly moving in by herself into a new apartment complex only to come across a suspicious man openly flirting over the phone, and not being shy about who overhears, right in front of Tachibana’s apartment. Tachibana nervously struggles about what to do before ultimately deciding to take action…by punching a hole in the wall as a warning. Much to both my and the main characters surprise this act only endears Tachibana to this stranger, introduced as Masamune Matsuoka, who’s first excited words are, “Hey. Let’s you and me have some fun!!”. This meeting leads to a string of unexpected events; A coincidental misunderstanding, a fight with B.B. guns at a Host Club, thousands of dollars owned in repair fees, and a reluctant Tachibana joining Masamune (a Host at the aforementioned Host Club), and Tooru Yukimura (a published hentai manga artist) in a series of intense (to the point of being both hilarious and really thrilling) survival games using B.B. guns with the goal of becoming the best team in Japan. All, at least at first, in order to pay off the debt and while Tachibana is, as usual, being mistaken for a boy (sound familiar anyone?). 

Though only the 1st volume is available in softcover as of today, as someone who was really impatient and read the ebooks (something I dislike doing) up to volume 4 (though there are currently 6 available) I can promise that the story does get progressively better as new characters are introduced, the past of current characters are reveled, and some surprisingly serious and emotionally charged scenes make an appearance.

As for the anime adaptation which is what made this great series known to me, it was really well done and stays pretty faithful to the manga. Only thing is I believe the anime only adapts up to the end of volume 4 (end of chapter 16) so the story ends leaving you hanging. Naoe’s Aoharu X Machinegun is something that, rated as 16+, struck me as something fans of Ouran Host Club and Mayo Chiki! would really enjoy. That being said this title may share some similarities with both, but is definitely a work of it’s own so even if you didn’t like those two titles or have no clue what either are-I enjoyed them but can’t say either was a favorite- this is something those who enjoy comedy, or like the sound of the premise should check out.


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