Wonder by R.J. Palacio

*This Review is Spoiler Free*


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Wonder is a middle grade contemporary novel which follows main character, August -affectionately known as Auggie-as he begins 5th grade. Auggie has a facial deformity, and has had to undergo numerous surgeries, because of this he had been home schooled all his life. He’s decided he wants to attend ‘traditional’ school and begins going to Beecher Prep in Manhattan. 
Unfortunately, but as expected, Auggie is bullied at school and has to overcome some adversity. Although his school life isn’t always easy he has a pretty great home life and a very likable family. As you read the book you don’t just fall in love with Auggie, but with his entire family, both of his parents and his older sister Olivia. Bullying, is a major subject that runs throughout the story, but this is still a book that can restore your faith in humanity. Although there are kids his age that bully him, there are also some his age that don’t ‘other’ Auggie and/or treat him differently. 
Wonder is beautifully written and the story develops so naturally. I’m an adult, and this novel still made me think so deeply about the things that I say, think and feel about others. This book is written in a way that allows it to be very easy to comprehend for someone within the target age range, but is still very relevant for adult readers. Every so item I’m lucky enough to read a book that is just so important and that shapes and molds my outlook on the world around me. This novel is able to do that so brilliantly for Middle Grade readers. Wonder is able to take real world issues and makes them digestible to young readers. The forefront topics are bullying, acceptance, and self-love, but the outlooks and lessons explored in Wonder are easily transferable to so many current issues.I would absolutely recommend this novel to all contemporary lovers! I give Wonder a rating of 9-out of-10 Unicorn Horns


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