Updates & Hiatus

Firstly I’d like to thank all 140 of my followers, both new and old, for all the continued support and patience (especially this past few weeks). You are all filled with magically awesome sauce. 


I haven’t been able to be as active within the blogging community as I’d like- keeping up with all of your wonderful posts, recommendations and comments, or been able to to keep up with my scheduled posts- there have been a few…well…a lot more than a few late posts and reviews these past month, a few of which are still not up yet…


So as much as I’d like to keep things going I will have to take a break from blogging for a few weeks to catch up with everything as well as make a couple changes with the blog. I sincerely apologize for missing so many posts and for any comments I may have missed. Frankly I’ve been way too swamped with work and life lately, so rather than having to continue neglecting the blog and followers to catch up, would prefer to just take some time to sort everything out.

So unfortunately there won’t be any reviews (sadness), but the last post of the year will be a very, very…

giphy (6).gif

…very late response to my (actual) first blogger nomination from Raistlin0903

When I return all the late reviews will be completed and posted. I’ll still try to be present on social media (Twitter and Instagram), and keep up with other wordpress blog posts, but may only make it on once a week or so. I hope to be back to my scheduled blogging by mid-January first with a now overdue response to Matthew ‘s (Matt-in-the-Hat) much appreciated blog award nomination (pure awesomeness!), and with a post detailing some new things I’d like to try on the blog. 

Anywho, I hope you all have a great holiday! Happy New Years!



  1. Haha, really had to laugh at that gif corner of woe 😂😂 Really it is not a problem, take your time 😊 I am running behind on quite a few things myself as well. I am currently missing a very good friend of mine, who is away for a vacation (which she really deserved), but that really currently has turned my mood a bit. It will be allright again soon, but that currently has not seen me very active on my own blog. Sometimes there are simply things that are a little bit more important than blogging. So really, no apologies necessary. Have a good break, and ofcourse an awesome 2017 in advance 😀

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