Written in Red by Anne Bishop

*This Review is Spoiler Free*


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I am absolutely in love with this series! 9/10 Unicorn Horns!

Long ago, Namid gave birth to all kinds of life, including the beings known as humans…They bred and spread throughout their pieces of the world until they pushed into the wild places. That’s when they discovered that Namid’s other offspring already claimed the rest of the world. The Others looked at humans and did not see conquerors. They saw a new kind of meat.

The above quote is something a took from the first page of Written in Red- accurately titled “A Brief History of the World”gives readers an idea of the type of world Bishop has set for the characters of this amazing story. Set in a fantasy world that mirror’s our world, but with the addition of creatures known as Others, these Others (shapeshifters, vampires, and a few new/remodeled creatures from common fables), are the dominate species of the world and more or less control how much land and resources they use and produce. Getting to know these new and remodeled creatures is one thing I enjoy so much about this series, including the addition of a different type of human called blood prophets or cassandra sangue. It is the presents of these cassandra sangue, one in particular, that ends up bringing about huge changes in their world.  

This multi-perspective story starts off with a mysterious girl named Meg, also known as cs759, being chased by a group of dangerous humans. This chase brings here straight to a place most humans rightfully fear, a Courtyard. In Thiasia (what I assume is the equivalent of America) Courtyards are known as the place the Others have set up in order to keep a watchful eye on the humans near their territory, and as a place where Others can enjoy some of the goods made by these humans. Simon Wolfgard, a werewolf and the leader of the North East Courtyard in Thiasia, is the the owner of Howling Reads bookstore and just happens to be the first Other Meg ‘sees’ when inquiring about a “Help Wanted” sign posted on the store window. This unlikely encounter is the trigger for a series of events that left me on edge after each installment (I’ve read the 1st four in this 5 book series-the last installment set for release in a couple weeks).

While many of the creatures known as Others are well known to many urban fantasy readers (vampires, werewolves, and other animal based shifters) most have unique twist or blend to make them feel like new. This isn’t an adult series that’s big on romance (a nice but very subtle thing that takes the background to character development and plot) despite things seeming like it will quickly go that way in the very beginning. Either way this has quickly become one of my favorite reads, and I recommend it to any urban fantasy fan!



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