Updates Going Forward

Hello Everyone! So, as I mentioned in a recent post (I Have Returned!) there will  be a few changes here on Maniacal Book Unicorn going forward and I want to go into further details about those changes in this post.

While I was on hiatus I re-evaluated a few goals that I had set for myself when I first started this blog. There were a couple of things that I had set out to accomplish each month in order to have a wider variety of the types of Book Reviews that I posted. I had met most of the ‘variety’ related tasks I wanted to accomplish with the exception of two…which I will go on to bore you with 🙂


1. A Romance Book Review each month – I don’t tend to read very much romance related content so this is something that I have to remain conscience of so that there can be more variation in the genres/sub-genres of fiction that I review. So far I have posted a few romance related book reviews, mostly New Adult novels, but it’s something I have to hold myself accountable for.

2. A New Release Book Review each month – I have not been nearly as disciplined with this goal. A good portion of the reviews that are posted here on MBU were not read very recently before writing the review. And in cases where I have recently read the book I am reviewing it’s generally not something that was published within the past 60 days. So, going forward I want to ensure that each month I post one book review of a novel/graphic novel/manga that was published within the 60 days before I post the review.

There is also a couple things that I want to have posted each month that are not book review specific and that are also fairly new ideas that I mulled over while I was gone, and have decided to go ahead with doing. Once again allow me to bore you with aforementioned ‘things’ lol. 

1. A Post that is not a Book Review – Each month I want to make sure that there is something that goes up throughout the month that is  not a book review. I grappled with this idea before I had started this Blog, but I never felt confident/comfortable enough to actually put myself out there like that. Although I am still very nervous and apprehensive about doing this, many a people wiser than I have said that a person must take risks. So in the spirit of taking a leap of faith I will be posting a D.I.Y., sample of writing, discussion post, etc. each month.

2. A ‘Monthly Wrap-Up’ Post – Now that I’ve aired out all that self-doubt lol…I will let you know about this next goal, which I’m actually pretty excited about. Some of my favorite types of posts on book-/reading-centric blogs are those of the ‘Monthly Wrap-Up’ variety, and I want to try my hand at doing one each month as well. The way that I have decided to do this is to feature four picks from what I have read/reviewed that month that best matches four questions from a list of about 20 that I have created. I plan to post the list of questions sometime before I post the first Monthly Wrap-Up this month, I just have a bit of ironing out to do because some of the questions are quite similar at the moment.

Thank you for patiently reading through this post and I look forward to exploring new territory and having new experiences on Maniacal Book Unicorn! Happy Reading! 



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