Sun-Ken Rock by Boichi

*This Review is Spoiler Free*

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Hey guys! Long time no post 😋

Sorry for the long, long absence, but I’m finally back now and am excited to check out everyone’s sites 🤗 I will be taking my time over the next while to reconnect with you guys. 

As for today’s review I decided to finally, after a couple years of subscribing, check out the manga Chrunchroll has available on their site. I picked out three random ones I never heard about before based purely on the covers and started reading. That’s how I came across the unique experience that is Sun-Ken Rock.


This story, initially taking place in Japan but primarily set in Korea, starts out pretty mild and hilariously quirky. Main character, high school delinquent Ken, falls for a girl named Yumin and confesses his feelings only to be rejected.

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Turns out Yumin decided to move to Korea to work on becoming a distinguished cop, so couldn’t return his feelings. Surprisingly, this doesn’t deter our protagonist Ken. He drops out of school and follows the love of his life to Korea. Which seems romantic…or in my opinion kinda really creepy, but reality hits and Ken finds himself hopelessly unemployed and dirt poor in a foreign country with no one to rely on. Except a mysteriously ambitious man who, after seeing him in action, becomes determined to persuade Ken to become a gang boss. 

Rating: 8/10 Unicorn Horns!

I actually really struggled to figure out a rating for this one. It starts off like a gag manga, pure humour with no serious or thought provoking scenes. But this story’s tone amazingly progresses and changes right along with the main character. From a character that’s kind, incredibly naive, simple, unmotivated, and quirky to one possessing kindness with a much more serious, intelligent, determined and thought provoking actions/beliefs both Ken and the story change in bounds. 

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This is something that blew me away. I don’t think I’ve ever come across another action packed story that’s written quite like this one. With the lighthearted way things start off, even the way it was drawn, I wasn’t expecting much. But then with each story arc things became more serious, complex, and shockingly dark, every bit of which is reflected in the growingly detailed and improving artwork. The flow comes off awkwardly here and there especially during the transitions from darker scenes to comedic relief, though this could just be due to translation. Overall Boichi does a noteworthy job at balancing the many contrasting themes in this story.  

This story filled with action, crime, scheming, comedy, mafia bosses, and a bit of romance has quite a bit going for it. And aside from the uniqueness of the changing tone, there is also quite a bit of cross-national story telling (mainly taking place in Korea, but also involving Japan and another country), immigrants from diverse backgrounds, and even the mentioning of a few historical events from different countries. This really comes through in most of the side characters as well. They all have dynamic and/or complex personalities that stand out and left me with a clear impression of their character.

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I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a unique reading experience, as well as fellow lovers of action/crime. Though I would warn away anyone with sexual abuse triggers, as some of the darker scenes are…well…really dark. Oh and despite there not being even a hint of it in the beginning, a few ecchi scenes come up later on, so naturally if that bothers you skipping this may be best. Otherwise I’ve been really enjoying this so far, and look forward to finishing it!

Thanks for reading 😁



  1. Well, first off: Welcome back! Very cool to have you here again!
    Secondly, this one really sounds very cool 😊😊 I have no problem with things being dark at all, so might check this one out at some point when I can find some time! Great post! 😊

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