Who Am I?

Maniacal Book Unicorn is a complex, once-but-no-longer magical, likely certifiably insane, book stalking, word inventing, once separate but now poly-sentient creature that abruptly, one day in July, decided to put the depth of its book devouring skills to good use by writing weekly book reviews (every Tuesday and Friday). And so, the book blog by the name of Maniacal Book Unicorn was created.


Our Rating System:

10-Masterpiece a.k.a. What…I don’t…what do I do with my life? Were there things before this?

9- Amazing a.k.a. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?! You & Me=  Image result for heart

8- Very Good

7- Good

6- Fine/O.K.

5- Average

4- Bad

3- Very Bad

2- Horrible a.k.a. Unicorn manure

1- Appalling a.k.a. You made me seriously, seriously contemplate the sin of book burning


*Please read our Rules and Regulations section carefully before placing any comments*

Rules and Regulations

  1. Maniacal Book Unicorn is an all inclusive site that will not tolerate any form of violence, discrimination, spam, harassment, internet trolls, cookie haters, or abuse. Any comments considered to be in violation of these rules will not be approved and the users related comments removed immediately.
  2. NO SPOILERS PLEASE. Maniacal Book Unicorn strives to spare fellow book lovers the unbearable pain of unwanted spoilers by always giving readers advanced warnings. We get it, it’s sometimes really difficult to get into talking about a book and not spoil anything. Even so, please be very careful to avoid mentioning any spoilers in your comments and posts without a clear and advanced warning to users.
  3. Read often, read frequently, and read like reading is your one and only purpose in life right above breathing.