The Sunshine Blogger Award; Part 3!


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Yay!! Another award nomination!! Last Minute Stuff is the blog that nominated me this time around, and I’ve got to say (and not just cuz it’s a rule): Thanks a ton for the award nomination!! Please take the time to check out their blog, and award answers: here


The Questions & Answers


1. What is that question you hate to answer the most?

I’m a semi-lazy person (really just a regular old lazy one, but “lazy” just sounds too self-depreciating), so questions that take a considerable amount of thought and emotion, and force me to deny my innermost desires and attributes are the hardest for me to face. Really, they’re like unforgiving torture. 


2. What’s the most horrible a.k.a. “It tasted delicious in my head” recipe you came up with? If you don’t cook, what’s the most gross thing you ever ate? Here’s mine!

My memory for this one is actually a bit hazy, it was that bad. All I can remember is wanting to try some new combination of flavours (pretty much every seasoning in my cupboard), tasting it, and wondering “WHY THE HELL DOES IT TASTE LIKE THIS?!?!?”

I then tried so, sooo many things to get it to taste better, but then everything I did just made it worse, and worse. It was like something out of a horror movie. Seriously. Even writing about it is giving me chills. 


3. Chicken or bacon? Explain gravitational waves. Don’t google; I’ll know.

Hahaha, this is easy. You know every time you set a firm food limit in your head, telling yourself “just one more” or “only on special occasions”, but then flash forward a few hours days and you’re stuffing your face, wondering where your resolve went? It’s gravitational waves my friends. That food is sending out waves that act like “eat-me!!” command magnets to your stomach, forcing it down your throat and into your stomach before you even know what happened. It pulls you in like gravity. It’s especially worse around foods like chicken and bacon, but applies to any of your guilty pleasures. 


4. When was the last time you helped-out a stranger? Or anyone?

I do it quite a bit, but mostly only in small ways. Opening doors, helping with directions (aka pointing them out to someone more useful, I’d just get them lost), helping older folks with bags, etc. Thought the last “big thing” I can remember was almost a decade ago…

5. If you were given any superpower for only one day, which day would you choose? (guess you weren’t expecting that..)

I was thinking teleportation at first, all those countries I want to visit could be done in one day without the ridiculous cost! But then I figured one day for all those countries wouldn’t be nearly enough. Plus that’s something I could actually accomplish someday with my own human powers.   

So I’m so going with shape shifting!! It would be beyond awesome to be a bird/whale/wolf/mouse/bear/okayI’llstopnow. I mean how cool would be to experience the world through their eyes/senses?

6. Which language do you think in? (Yeah I’m assuming you’re bilingual.)

Sadness, I only wish I was bilingual, but I’m pretty sure the pitiful amount of French, and so-minuscule-I-might-as-well-not-even-bother-to-acknowledge-it Japanese don’t count. But I do think in a wide variety of English accents. That counts for something right? Right?

7. The funniest thing you’ve seen someone do in public?

My sister’s slip and fall on ice…sorry, I blame the sadist in me. 


8. Have you won any contests/competitions/olympics maybe? Which was the last one?

….umm….well…these blogger awards count, right? What about anime watching/book reading awards? Do those count? Cause if they do I am on a roll!


9. What’s the most useless (according to others) talent/s you have?

English accent impersonations. I can’t impersonate actual people, but can do almost every type of English accent there is.

10. What’s the best Wi-Fi name you’ve seen?

I’ve seen many, one of which I cannot for the life of me remember, but the runner up is:

11. The last time you tried something for the first time? (Yeah rack that brain)

Uggh! So much thinking! Umm…well….if we’re talking activities that’s a lost cause lol, but food? I’ve recently been trying out authentic Japanese cuisine (just finished with Indian).

I’ve tried Salmon Teppanyaki (loved it), Inari & Unagi sushi (mega loved them), and Takoyaki (sorry, but I hated the taste/smell…also just can’t do those little suction cups). Next up is the terrifying looking Natto. Then I’ll be moving on to another nation. 

Image result for unagi sushiImage result for takoyaki

1. Unagi Sushi     2. Takoyaki

Please check these bloggers out if you haven’t already. I couldn’t pick everyone that deserves it, but these are some of the best blogs I’ve come across!

Nominations/Honourable Mentions 

Also, I know most of you have done this award at some point, so if you’re one of those people, seriously, no pressure. Please just consider it a honourable mention if you’re not up for doing it again. I just really wanted to give you a shout out. Thanks for reading!

My Questions  

Choose any Anime/Manga/Movie/Novel/Comic/Graphic Novel/T.V. show for your answers

  1. Which post did you most enjoy writing this year? (provide a link please!)
  2. Who is your favorite side/supporting character? 
  3.  Which fictional character would you want to have as a mentor? 
  4. Which fictional magic system do you wish you could be a part of? 
  5. If you could speak another language what would it be and why?
  6. Name your favourite hobby outside of reading/watching anime. When did you start it?
  7. What is the best story you’ve read/watched so far this year?
  8. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
  9. What story are you most looking forward to this year?
  10. What is your favourite dessert of all time?
  11. What is a book/anime/movie/game that you wish everyone would read/watch/play at least once?


The Liebster Award (Part 2)



~ Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their post.
~ Answer the 11 questions they asked you.
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I’d like to give a huge thanks A Happy Little Bookworm for the nomination!! They have an awesome blog filled with great book reviews, tags, awards and other cool original post ideas. So please head over there to check them out if you haven’t already: here


The Questions & My Answers


1) What are your favourite book to movie conversions?

This is a pretty hard one for me, since I usually dislike movie adaptations. I’m pretty sure the one I every really liked was The Hunger Games movie adaptations.

2) What genre of books are you hoping to read more of in 2018?

Fantasy and some non-fiction. Fantasy because I have so many unread ones on my shelves, and non-fiction because I almost never read any.

3) What is your favourite blog post (by a blogger other than yourself) that you’ve seen in the last 2 weeks?

In truth, I’ve actually come across quite a few amazing posts, lists, and reviews. But if I narrow it down to one, I’d have to go with “The Beating Heart of a Creative” by Kimchi-sama. I only just came across the post, but it was such a powerful one, with words and a message that I really needed to hear that I needed to share it here and ask you guys to please stop by and spend some time to read it. 

4) What is your most anticipated release for the remainder of 2018?

Book: A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir


Anime: Not including season 2+ releases- things would get a bit crazy otherwise

Golden Kamuy


Battle Angel Altia

and Ready Player One


Favourite fictional couple from a book you recently finished?

Book: Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

Image result for finnikin of the rock

LOVE THIS BOOK TO PIECES!! I’m not giving names, but that couple was PERFECTION!!

Manga: Noragami by Adachitoka

Image result for noragami volume coverImage result for noragami volume cover 10

I cannot tell you the joy it brought me to have finally caught up with collecting this series, and be able to finally start reading them! 

Where and when (place & time of day) do you most like to read and/or blog?

Reading: 24/7. Lol, but seriously. There is no time/place I won’t try to get away with reading. I’ll even read while walking on the street.

Blogging: Usually during commutes or once I’m home at night. 

Favourite bookish setting that you would most like to visit?

Really just about every magical/fantasy world I’ve came across lol. But the first ones that pop into my mind are:


Fire by Kristin Cashore or

Image result for fire graceling

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

Image result for leviathan scott westerfeld


Made in the Abyss by  Akihito Tsukushi

Related image

Both places have their own share of dangers, but would be SOO amazing to visit in real life. Especially all those exotic creatures!

Favourite non-human character from any book you’ve read?

I primarily read books about people so I could totally just choose one, or so I thought. Once I started…well yeah…

  • Fell from Fell by David Clement-Davis
  • Soren and Gylfie from Guardians of Gahoole by Kathryn Lasky
  • Cinderpelt from Warriors series by Erin Hunter
  • Faithful from Alanna by Tamora Pierce
  • Rannoch from Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davis
  • Beast from the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter

What was a book that you didn’t like as much as you were expecting to?

Mystic by Jason Denzel

How do you track the books that you read (if at all)?

MAL for manga

Goodreads for everything (books, manga, graphic novels)

And finally, one fact that not many people know about you?

…umm…a family member and I recently built a new bookshelf for my overflowing books! Yeah! Of course…I already need another one, lol.

I’ve known my current friends for many, many years so there isn’t anything I can think of that they don’t already know…so I guess I just went with something I haven’t mentioned on my blog yet. 


My Questions

  1. Kiss, marry, kill. Which character (book/movie/manga/game/etc.) would you want to Kiss, Marry, or Kill?
  2. Do you still remember your favourite childhood book/TV show? If so what is it?
  3. What are some of your favourite characters?
  4. Is there a TV show/movie release you’re really looking forward to this year?
  5. iPhone or Smartphone?
  6. Do you have any hobbies other than reading?
  7. Have any hated/really disliked character(s)? Name your most despised book/manga/graphic novel/show/etc. character(s).
  8. What was the last book/manga/graphic novel you read (or anime/show/movie watched) that turned out to be unexpectedly better than you had anticipated?
  9. Which book/anime/manga/show has recently made the most impact on you?
  10.  Which fictional magic system do you wish you could be a part of? (Includes: any Anime, Manga, Movie, Novel, Comic, Graphic Novel, or T.V. show) 
  11. What is your favourite blog post? (one that you’ve done recently)



Please check these bloggers out if you haven’t already. I couldn’t pick everyone that deserves it, but these are some of the best blogs I’ve come across!

Also, I know most of you have done this award at some point, so if you’re one of those people, seriously, no pressure. Please just consider it a honourable mention if you’re not up for doing it again. I just really wanted to give you a shout out. Thanks for reading!

The TBR Tag (The TBR Book Tag)

Image result for TBR Tag


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was tagged to do The TBR Tag  by James J. Cudney at the This Is My Truth Now Blog! If you haven’t gotten a chance to read their post for this tag, you can read it here.


How do you keep track of your TBR pile?

Welllll…..I don’t really have a traditional TBR, I think the method that I use most often would be Goodreads’ “Want To Read” shelf, but that honestly isn’t very accurate. Because I don’t reference that list of books very often. A lot of the things I want to read I just “remember” that I’d like to read them in the future. I have all those years of pre-Goodreads reading and TBRs to thank for that lol.


Is your TBR mostly print or e-book?

My TBR is mostly print books as that is my preferred method of reading books.


How do you determine which book 
from your TBR to read next?

I’m very much a mood reader. So, I don’t have a system for picking which TBR book I’d like to read next. I don’t utilize a TBR in the typical sense….I just happen to have a bunch of books that I own or that I’ve heard of that I would like to read. But I don’t allow those books to dictate what I will read next or in the next few years. I leave my reading options very open. 


A book that’s been on your TBR the longest.

The first book I ever shelved as “Want to Read” on Goodreads is Divided (Darkest Powers #1.5). Divided is a novella from the Darkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong. 



A book that you recently added to your TBR.

The most recent addition to my TBR on Goodreads is Wake of Vultures (The Shadow #1) . I’m excited to get around to reading this series next year as the third and final (as far as I know) book was published this year.



A book on your TBR strictly 
because of its beautiful cover.

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making and the entire Fairyland series as a whole. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that I’ll probably never read these books and I recently unhauled them and a few days later put them back on my shelves because they’re too beautiful to part with. So, clearly these books are sticking around for merely their aesthetic merit.  



A book on your TBR that you 
NEVER plan on actually reading. 

Okay, so I have a love/hate relationship with Abbi Glines’ books and I pretty much hate read her Rosemary Beach series. Since, putting myself through that torturous experience I have gotten a lot better with my “need” to complete a series, regardless of whether I am enjoying it or not. So, the book that is currently shelved as “Want to Read” on Goodreads that I’ll NEVER read is Up in Flames (Rosemary Beach #13).


An unpublished book on your 
TBR that you’re excited for.
 Pet by C.S. Pacat
A book on your TBR that basically 
everyone has read except you.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan



A book on your TBR that everyone recommends to you. 

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss



A book on your TBR that you’re just dying to read. 

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff



The number of books on your Goodreads TBR shelf. 

Okay, this number is so ridiculous that I feel an obligation to preface the “big reveal” with an explanation. So, a few months back I got the brilliant idea to scan into Goodreads all the books I owned. I have been wanting to add all the books I own to Goodreads ever since I joined. I have always wanted to have somewhere where I could keep track of the books I own and very easily be able to reference the exact number. Well, little did I realize, until I was over three quarters of the way through scanning all the books with my phone, that Goodreads automatically shelves all the books you’ve scanned into your “Want To Read” Shelf…so yeah we ended up with this number: 1045, as of today.


Tag, you're it!!!

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Also, anyone who would like to do this Tag, but hasn’t been officially tagged yet….go for it! 



Unique Blogger Award

Hey everyone! I’d first like to wish everyone a very belated Happy Holidays, and an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

happy holidays christmas cat GIF

I’d like to give a big thanks to Ryuji @ ryujisanimereview for nominating me for this award. Please take some time to head over to his blog and check it out!


Display the award logo.

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Nominate 8-13 bloggers.

Ask them 3 questions.


The Questions & My Answers:

1) In a generic RPG world, what is your favourite class? (Knight, Assassin, Priest, Mage, Barbarian)

I don’t play many games, but when I do I’m always stuck between choosing assassin and mage (but assassin almost always wins out in the end).

Image result for assassin rpg

The World of Mystic Wiz

2) Do you prefer continuing the main story or check out most of the subplots in a RPG/Fantasy Visual Novel?

I always continue the main story the first time around, then go back and check out the subplots later. 

3) Have you ever played or watched a playthrough of anyone attempting to complete a RPG/Fantasy Visual Novel?

Yup. There was a level I just could NOT figure out. It was driving me insane so, despite being super determined not to ever do it, I looked it up. It sort of felt like cheating, but after FINALLY passing the level the overall victory won out over my guilt. Yay me!

Image result for assassins puzzle

My Questions:
  1. Which book, movie, anime, or game did you most want to get to this year, but didn’t? 
  2. What book, anime, movie, or game are you most looking forward to next year?
  3. Which post did you most enjoy writing this year? (provide a link please!)


Tag Your It!



Jill’s Book Blog

Shrestha Logs


*I still have a ton of awards and tags to catch up on, and know many of you have already done most of these a few times over, so until I’ve caught up I’ll only be nominating around 5 bloggers per tag/award. If I’ve missed that you have done the award/tag already and aren’t up for doing it again, please just consider it an honourable mention*



The Time and Place Book Tag

I’d like to thank meltingpotsandothercalamities for this tag. Picking just one was hard, as usual, lol, but I had fun doing this. Check out her blog for book, webtoon, and anime reviews, as well as some original lists & recommendations!

This tag was created by Jen Campbell.


Pick ten books from your shelves that you associate with a specific time and place in your life. Tell us the story behind your choices and what the books are about.

I think I’ll try to list  them in chronological order by whatever age I was at when I read them. Here goes:


Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry & Wesley Dennis (Art)

Related image

First “big girl/boy” book I remember reading. There were about animals, specifically horses, which I loved, and I remember being quite proud of myself for getting through the series without help.

Synopsis: A somewhat historical story in setting that surrounds the life of two young children, a wild pony, and her foul on Chincoteague Island.

Guardians of Ga'hoole series by Kathreen Lasky

Image result for Guardians of Ga'hoole

First series I remember stalking the the release dates for. This was sometime in upper elementary school, when the school library was my go to place for books. Looking back, I now feel sorry for that librarian. This was also the first long running fiction series I ever really got into. It turned out to be a story with much darker elements than expected, which, of course, is part of what made me love it so much.

My excitement for the 2010 movie adaptation was probably excessive.

Image result for Guardians of Ga'hoole fight

Synopsis: Surrounds the life of a barn owl after being kidnapped from his nest by a dark organization who call themselves “The Pure Ones” (can you see where this is going?). Despite the captivity, main character Soren manages to hold to the hope in the stories his parents told of heroes, and works to resist their brainwashing and escape with a new friend. 

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Related image

First popular teen series I ever read. I didn’t even know popular teen fiction was really a thing until someone recommended it to me. Not the best book for obvious reasons, but it is what got me out of my years long reading slump and into the world of YA.

Synopsis: Is this even necessary at this point? Emo vampires. Ordinary human girl. Unsettling romance. Nuff said.

Fell by David Clement-Davis


This was the first fictional philosophical read I remember picking up. It was also the first animal centered read I went to after popular fiction got me back into reading. Technically Fell is the sequel to The Sight, but I unknowingly read them out of order, and fell in love with this one more.

Naturally the synopsis would be a bit of a spoiler so I can’t give any specifics, but I can say it’s about a wolf and young girl, both outcasts, form an unlikely friendship. And that it was as they travelled together towards a shared destiny, each struggling to find the meaning of their lives and their place in it, that I excitedly whipped out my “book quotes” notebook.

Bitten by Kelly Armstrong

Related image

First Adult Urban Fantasy I ever read. I got into them after reading her YA The Darkest Powers series. Though I’m 99% sure I wasn’t quite old enough for that genre at the time, it started my long standing enjoyment of adult urban fantasy. 

Synopsis: Starts off pretty normal: normal female werewolf and normal ignorant human bf, equalled a “normal” level of problematic relationship in Toronto. Till her old pack comes calling, mysterious murders happen, psychopaths run wild, humans grow suspicious…it all gets fascinatingly hectic. 

Eon by Allison Goodman

Image result for eon book

This is one of a few very memorable reads from the time in high school where I finally got a spot as a library assistant. I was encouraged to read a wide range of books, and I think this was my first Diverse fantasy read.

Synopsis: Set in an Asian modelled fantasy world, 12 year old Eon, despite facing ridicule as “a cripple”, endured gruelling training for years in hopes of being chosen as an apprentice- a Dragoneye- to one of 12 dragons. And his hard work pays off. Which is all well and good, except Eon is actually a 16 year old girl, and girls are strictly forbidden from becoming a Dragoneye…like “we’ll lop off your head!” type of forbidden. 

Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel


First graphic novel I ever read (about the same time as Eon). Aside from Archie comics and comic strips in newspapers I had never actually tried reading a graphic novel before. Even though I loved DC comic movie adaptations, I always preferred reading novels. But one day I finally decided to give one a try.

Synopsis: A middle-grade series about a kid who finds himself, accidentally, in the world of spirits facing understandable levels of terror, and a tyrannical king.

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan


There might have been one before this, but this wonderful series happened around the time book to movie adaptations were blowing up in theatres. This is the first (during this time that is) I remember watching the movie for before hearing about the books. Which made me one of the very few that didn’t despise the movie…till I read the series, watched the atrocity that is the second movie, and re-watched the first. 


Synopsis: Another I don’t think needs saying, but just in case: young boy struggling to deal with a dysfunctional family and learning disability meets attempted assassination by mythological creature. Truths are unveiled. More assassination attempts. And a great mystery/action/fantasy filled adventure ensues. 


Saga by Brian K. Vaughn (Story) & Fiona Staples (Art)


First comic series I really fell in love with (2015). While Ghostopolis is the first comic/graphic novel I ever read, Saga was the first that actually made me want to read more. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Ghostopolis, but unlike Saga, it didn’t make me think: “what is this!? I need more like it in my life!” It was this that officially jump-started my Image Comics binge session. It’s also the first graphic novel series I started collecting.

Saga Synopsis: Two opposing races in the middle of a galactic war find themselves falling for each other Romeo and Juliet style…just with a ton of crude language, attitude, fantasy, and advanced tech, and minus the mutual suicide and everything Renaissance. Once their relationship takes off, and becomes known to both sides of the war, the two lovers find themselves desperately protecting the lives of their less than orthodox family. 

D. Gray Man by Katsura Hoshino


First shounen (YA for males) manga I fell in love with and started collecting. I actually didn’t start reading manga till a couple years ago (I wouldn’t touch it before), but my then newfound anime watching slowly changed my mind. The first couple manga series I picked up were…meh, but this one and Skip Beat! by Yoshiki Nakamura (the covers do NOT do the series justice) are the two that not only really got me interested in reading manga as a whole, but in starting my own collection.

Synopsis: Way darker than I expected. Ever had a love one you wanted to see back from the dead? Well in alternative late 19th century London it’s made possible by a man called The Millennium Earl. Which would seem like a good thing, if they didn’t come back as Akuma- a living weapon fuelled by human souls, and used by the Earl to wipe out mankind. Allen Walker, bearing the curse of an Akuma yet determined to save them, is just one of many Exorcists chosen (no consent needed) by the only substance capable of stopping Akuma and opposing the Earl. 

Thanks for reading!

I Tag:



Little Life Library

Red Headed Book Lover Blog

MorganFaye @mybookjourneysite 

Totally Should’ve Book Tag


I want to extend a very big thank you to the Orang-utan Librarian blog for tagging me to do the Totally Should’ve Book Tag. I am so excited to do this tag. A while back I had a phase where I binge watched way too many Totally Should’ve Book Tag videos on BookTube. Truth be told I binge watch too many of any type of BookTube video way too often lol. You’d expect me to have given some deep, intense consideration for what my answers would be…but, leave it to me to have had the hardest time deciding which books/series I wanted to select for each of these questions. The issue was narrowing it down to just one…typical me!

Please be sure to check out the Orang-utan Librarian blog’s post for the  Totally Should’ve Book Tag!



Autoboyography by Christina Lauren


I totally should’ve been able to  read more about Tanner and Sebastian! I am absolutely devastated at the way that book ended. I just need to see how those two characters grow and develop. It would be great to have a sequel and get to live with the characters for a while longer.



Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series by Laini Taylor

Image result for daughter of smoke and bone series

You know when a series is winding down, and the author decides to introduce a new (to the reader) plot point, or piece of back story/information that leaves the reader wanting more. Well, Laini Taylor did this wickedness to me lol. Although I adore this series, immediately after finishing the final installment I thought that it totally should’ve had a spin-off series. I distinctly remember bring more than three quarters into Dreams of Gods and Monsters and knowing that without a doubt the story was going to end in a way that would leave me wanting to know what happens in this world after the conclusion.



Death Note by  Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata (Series)

Image result for death note manga series

That ending though! The story ends and then there’s this random snippet that leaves you wondering what in the hell is going on. This manga series totally should’ve ended differently. It was wrapped up (..ish) and then just vagueness for the actual end of the series.  



The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta

Image result for the lumatere chronicles by melina marchetta

First of all, this series totally should’ve been more popular and widely known. Maybe then we would have been lucky enough to have had any form of an adaptation for these novels. This series totally should’ve gotten a television adaptation because the overall story arc is intriguing. Each individual novel is strong enough to stand on it’s own. It’s one of the very few series that does not suffer from ‘unnecessary trilogy/second book is purely filler’ syndrome. I originally had the answers to this question and the next in reverse, but as I began filling out my explanations for each choice I realized that the depth of these novels would have been done a great disservice if they were attempted to be adapted into hour and a half to two hour film adaptations. 




Half Bad Series by Sally Green

Image result for half bad series

Although I switched this answer with the previous one, I strongly believe that this trilogy has the potential to become an amazing t.v. series. Of the two trilogies though, these books would have a greater chance of having a more faithful film adaptation that would be able to grasp the scope and depth of the story in 3-4 movies. The Half Bad trilogy totally should’ve gotten a film franchise because the overall story is raw, real,  unflinching, and uncomfortable at times. I wish more young adult books and series would have storylines that actually make sense and match the world they are set in. Stories where not everything is perfect, the main protagonist is unlikeable at times, people get hurt and die. Series’ where the conclusion reflects the severity of the world and the consequences match the severity of the environment the story is set in. 




Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Image result for allegiant book

Technically, this book totally should’ve had no point of views a.k.a. it totally should’ve never existed. Just saying! 



The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer

Image result for the twilight series books

You know how we as readers sometimes b**ch about the covers of books.  Funny how that works…because when I actually had to think of one for this tag, I couldn’t come up with any. And I know I have at least a dozen covers I wish could be changed. So….on that note….here’s a rather far fetched pick for this question. I have too much sentimental attachment to these covers and would never actually want them changed. In all honesty though, the covers for the Twilight series DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the story. Really take a look at these covers…now if you hadn’t read Twilight, please try to imagine what you’d think these books were about based solely on the covers. 

Twlight: Person fondles apples at a Farmer’s Market 

New Moon: D.I.Y. two-tone faux flower project ‘or’ multi-purpose faux-flower that doubles as a paintbrush

Eclipse: The structural flaws of silk ribbon ties

Breaking Dawn: Alice in Wonderland retelling 



The Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton

Image result for the anita blake series

Apparently I’m an idiot that is glutton for punishment. I read all of the first 13 books and got about 2/5 of the way through book 14 before DNF’ing that installment and the series as a whole. I totally should’ve stopped reading when the main protagonist’s motivations and actions didn’t seem to align with her character any longer. But the masochist in me kept trudging through the sewage that this series became before ultimately drowning in a shallow pool of disappointment and shape-shifter excrement.



The Wake Series by Lisa McMann

Although the original covers are quite ambiguous and do not necessarily seem all that enticing. They totally should’ve stuck with the initial design because it is still way better than….

Image result for the wake series

…these neon spine monstrosities

Image result for the wake series new covers

…ughhh and they also have people on the cover! WHYYYYY!?!?

My soul has cried many tears because I somehow misplaced the original copies I read back in the day. So, I was *forced* to buy the new editions and I cringe every time I see them. Now that I know places like ThriftBooks exist, I may re-buy them in the future.



The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

You may be wondering why I chose to put three different covers/editions of The Song of Achilles on here. The simple, somewhat sad, truth is that I own all three of these editions. Safe to say I totally shouldn’t have pre-judged this novel. I wholeheartedly believed I would dislike this novel and avoided reading it for years. Let’s be honest here…my usual reading habits and preferences do not lend themselves well to epic poems. So, I believed that this book, which I had always heard marketed as a retelling of the Iliad, would be boring as all heck. I finally picked it up this past June and absolutely adored the novel. 




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Book Personality Challenge

I have to thank Kate @ meltingpotsandothercalamities for tagging me for this interesting challenge. I’ve taken the test a couple times before and also end up with one of two personality results. It was cool to take it again ans see what I ended up with, so thanks!

Check out her personality results and answers here.


Screenshot (28)

“INFP personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, INFPs have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine…At their best, these qualities enable INFPs to communicate deeply with others, easily speaking in metaphors and parables, and understanding and creating symbols to share their ideas.”

What is your personality like:

INFPs often drift into deep thought, enjoying contemplating the hypothetical and the philosophical more than any other personality type. Left unchecked, INFPs may start to lose touch, withdrawing into “hermit mode”, and it can take a great deal of energy from their friends or partner to bring them back to the real world.

 There are some sections I disagree with completely, but this part was too true lol.

If you were a character in a book, what would be some of you character strengths and flaws?:


  • Open-Minded and Flexible – A live-and-let-live attitude comes naturally to INFPs, and they dislike being constrained by rules. INFPs give the benefit of the doubt too, and so long as their principles and ideas are not being challenged, they’ll support others’ right to do what they think is right.
  • Very Creative – INFPs combine their intuitive nature with their open-mindedness to allow them to see things from unconventional perspectives. Being able to connect many far-flung dots into a single theme, it’s no wonder that many INFPs are celebrated poets and authors.

Only part I disagree with is disliking having my ideas and principles challenged. As long as the person isn’t intentionally rude about it, I usually enjoy the challenge and the new perspectives that come with it.


  • Impractical – When something captures INFPs’ imagination, they can neglect practical matters like day-to-day maintenance and simple pleasures. Sometimes people with the INFP personality type will take this asceticism so far as to neglect eating and drinking as they pursue their passion or cause.
  • Difficult to Get to Know – INFPs are private, reserved and self-conscious. This makes them notoriously difficult to really get to know, and their need for these qualities contributes to the guilt they often feel for not giving more of themselves to those they care about.

Though I wonder if that last one would really be a flaw in a book character…

Do any authors share your personality type?

J.R.R. Tolkien & William Shakespeare 


What fictional characters share your personality type?

Frodo Baggins & Arwen from Lord of the Rings

Fox Mulder from X-Files (LOVED that show) & Lance Sweets from Bones

If you were a character in a book, what job would you have?

According to the results, an author, translator, or something in “service careers such as massage therapy, physical rehabilitation, counselling, social work, psychology and even academic roles“.


What personality type would complete your OTP?

Not really sure…maybe my other personality test result? 

What are some fictional characters that would complete your OTP?

Umm…this one is pretty hard…I have no idea lol. 



Link to the free personality site if you don’t already know it: 16Personalities

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How To Train Your Dragon Book Tag

I would like to thank Kate @ Melting Pots And Other Calamaties for tagging me. Be sure to check out their post for the How To Train Your Dragon Book Tag. This tag looks incredibly fun and How to Train Your Dragon is one of my fav animated movies. However, I will not even pretend that I am not completely intimidated by the amount of questions LOL. So let’s get this show on the road! 


The Rules

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Have fun!

Here we go!


Hiccup started out as a failure to his people. He wasn’t adept at dragon killing. Suddenly, he knows the ins and outs of the creatures he is supposed to despise. He becomes popular, and in turn he tries to use his fame to create an alliance between the humans and the dragons. In the end, he changes the minds and hearts of everyone in Berk.

Half Bad by Sally Green 

*check out a review here*



Astrid is the fierce female viking. She is strong and smart, the perfect contender to be a dragon killer. She is suspicious of Hiccup and eventually discovers his secret. Once she sees the beauty in and of the dragons, she is usually by Hiccup’s side. She stands for her beliefs and helps her friend to the very end.


Graceling by Kristin Cashore



Stoick the Vast. He is the leader of the vikings of Berk. He is strong, determined, and caring. He can be thoughtless, but he does feel responsible for his people. He loves his family. After a while, he sees reason and recognizes his son’s greatness. He is a proud man, but he is even more proud of his son in the end.

Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown 



Valka goes out on her own to live with the dragons. She knows untold secrets and comes out of nowhere in the second movie. She sees the world in a different light, like her son. Nowadays, most books are a part of a series. Authors have a hard time containing their words and creative worlds = lucky us!

The Fires of Invention by  J. Scott Savage

*check out a review here*



Gobber is loyal and funny. He is a teacher, friend, blacksmith, and so much more. He supports Stoick and Valka, Hiccup, and all others. “He’s a bit gruff, but his heart is always in the right place.” (credit) If you were Gobber, which book characters would you ship?

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera they both die at the end



Snotlout is impulsive. He speaks his mind and does what he wants. He is rude and also flirty. If he was a book lover, I’m sure he would buy a book because of an enticing cover, intriguing synopsis, or just because he can. Is there a book that you bought simply because?

S. by J.J. Abrams



Family and friends are the most important aspect in one’s life. Sometimes the representations in books are optimal (while other times the representation is non-existent). Books can contain perfect, desirable relationships that we all want to be a part of, so choose a book with a family or friend bond that you wish were real in your own life.

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz



Fishlegs is intelligent. He knows dragons by the book, and by the book only. He inspires knowledge in himself and in others. As with Fishlegs, sometimes books make one want to learn something new, research a new topic, try a new experience, or go somewhere exciting. Name a book that makes you want to expand you horizons.

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay



Toothless is a Night Fury. He is the only one left of his kind, making him extremely rare. He is loyal, fast, intelligent, and cute. Find the bookish equivalent to Toothless, a novel that is not read too often/under-hyped that you adore.

The Truth About Stories: A Native Narrative by Thomas King

*check out a review here*


Boulder Class.png

Those in the Boulder Class are solid and resilient. Meatlug in particular is tough, obstinate, slow, and lazy. Sometimes it is hard to pick up the motivation one needs to complete a task. Other times, there are bumps in the road, rocky obstacles that get in one’s way. Despite the struggle, we have to rise about the challenge and persevere.

Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 1 by by Hiromu Arakawa 


Mystery Class.png

Not much is known about the Mystery Class, hence the name. Dragons in this class are cunning and stealthy making them feared above the others. Barf and Belch are a part of this conundrum. While they share one body, each head has it’s own personality. To be effective they must work together.

Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill (Author), Gabriel Rodríguez (Artist)

*check out a review here*


Sharp Class.png

“Sharp Class dragons are vain and prideful, and they all possess sharp body parts.” (credit) These dragons are sleek and shine, honor and self-respect. They are beautiful and graceful with their pointed limbs and they know it.

Drag Teen by Jeffrey Self 


Stoker Class.png

Stoker dragons are small and unruly. They can literally set themselves on fire making them hotheaded. This class is an explosion in a tiny package. Find a book that is small, in physical size or page number, that is full of action, mystery, or willful characters.

Call Me by Your Name by  André Aciman


Strike Class.png

Rare, powerful, inflexible, and loyal. These are some of the descriptor words for a dragon in the Strike Class. More prominent traits of the Strike Class also include blazing speed, cleverness, strength, and navigation. They are very rare, but very mighty. They are like a wild mustang horse: hard to train but loyal in the end.

Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan 


Tidal Class.png

As the title suggests, Tigal dragons are associated with water, specifically the ocean. Those in this class are usually larger than most other classes. Water can be soothing, but not with dragons. For most book lovers, we enjoy a relaxing read near the water (as long as your book doesn’t get wet). For dragons, find a book that matches their habitat in setting.

How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake


Tracker Class.png

“Natural born hunters, Tracker Class dragons have a highly acute sense of smell or taste that enables them to track down and find things.” (credit) Sadly, we humans are not trackers. There are some forms of books that are hard to find, like versions from other countries, special editions, hardcopy VS. paperback, ARCs, and more. Like Stormfly, these books are a torturing “mix of beauty and brutality.”

The Lesser Blessed by Richard Van Camp 


Unknown Class.png

There is a lack of knowledge about these dragons, so they have not yet been classified. They could be sorted in the future, but until then they are stuck in the shadows of information. Like debut authors and their books, they are new and haven’t had quite as much publicity and appearances in the book world to be fully understood.

Anger is a Gift by Mark Oshiro



Dragons don’t like smoked eel of lunch. They flinch and cower from the striped delicacy. Like the eel, there are some books that people just won’t touch. It could be because of a passionately harsh fandom or because you don’t want the next book to ruin your experience with the previous. There are many reasons not to read a certain book, and while people will try to persuade you to pick it up, it is your choice to decide what you will read.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell


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All rights reserved To How to Train Your Dragon © Dreamworks Animation LLC.}

My Life In Books Tag

my life in books tag


I want to say thanks to MeltingPotsAndOtherCalamities for tagging me to do the My Life In Books Tag. Be sure to check out their post for the My Life In Books Tag …if you haven’t done so already. 


A Book For Each Initial


M- More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera

A- Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

N- No. 6 by Atsuko Asano & Hinoki Kino

I- If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo

A- Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

C-  Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

A- American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

L- Locke & Key by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodríguez


B- Blue Is The Warmest Color by Julie Maroh

O- Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

O- On The Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

K- Kick-Ass by Mark Millar, John Romita Jr. & Rob Liefeld 


U- Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

N- None Of The Above by I.W. Gregorio

I- I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

C- Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat

O- Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg

R- Release by Patrick Ness

N- NightS by Kou Yoneda


****I tried to only pick books that I would recommend (albeit to varying degrees of “recommendation”), that I have read, and that if a part of a series is the first book. However, I got stumped with “U” so I had to put Ugly Love, but it is not a book that I would highly recommend.***


Age—Count Along Your Bookshelf


Nailbiter, Vol. 2: Bloody Hands by Joshua Williamson (Writer), Mike Henderson (Artist), Adam Guzowski (Colourist), John J. Hill (Letterer) 

23440085*not read Vol. 2 in this series yet, but have read and reviewed Vol. 1*


Book That Represents a Destination You Want To Travel To


Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde 

*You can check out a review of this novel here*


Favorite Color


My favorite color is BLACK (…okay, my favorite ‘non-color’ is black 😛 )

Black Butler, Vol. 1 by Yana Toboso


*not read, but have watched the anime*


Fondest Memory Of


The Caves of Perigord by Martin Walker 


Most Difficulty Reading


I have a Non-Fiction selection:  Hunger by Roxane Gay


…And a Fiction selection: The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley by Shaun David Hutchinson


*I deeply love both of these books, but they are “difficult reads” because they were emotionally taxing*


Which Book In Your TBR Pile Will You Get 
the Biggest Sense of Accomplishment From?


East of Eden by John Steinbeck 

*I will be so happy when I have finally finished this novel. I have been reading East of Eden since March of 2016. My progress has been devastatingly slow, but that is no indicator of my reading experience. I have been thoroughly enjoying this novel and it has become one of my favourites, even before completing it.*


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Imaginary Friends

Little Life Library

Queens of Nerdcraft



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Mystery Blogger Award Part 1 & 2


First, I want to extend a very big Thank You to both Ignited Moth and Ryuji’s Anime Review for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award! Also, thanks to Okoto Enigma’s Blog for creating this Award! Please check out Ignited Moth’s post here and Ryuji’s Anime Review post here for the Mystery Blogger Award. As I’ve been nominated twice for the same award I’m going to be changing up the rules a tad and will be answering 3 questions from both of the awesome Bloggers that nominated me.


The Rules

1. Put the award logo/image on your blog

2. List the rules.

3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well

5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself

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8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)

9. Share a link to your best post(s)

So here goes….

3 Things About Me
  1. I write a blog
  2. I’m doing the Mystery Blogger Award
  3. I just had to think of 5 questions for the people I nominate and answer the questions for this award and I’m all out of thinking  power…clearly


1. If you had 2 hours to live what would you do?

Well, if I only had 2 hours left to live I would have a heck of a  lot of things to cram into that time. Firstly, I’d need to eat some of my favorite foods while listening to music, then I’d switch over to reading excerpts from some of my favorite books. Lastly I would make sure to leave instructions for who gets which of my books (lol) and also write notes for those I’m closest to. 

2. What type of food did you hate as a kid but love now?

I hated cooked Eggplant as a kid!

3. Of all the blogs you wrote, which one is your favourite?

Umm…if there’s anything you can learn from reading this blog, it’s that I’m indecisive as all hell. So…I’m going to pick two favorites: 

  1. How I Got Into Reading Manga And Watching Anime
  2. Changing My Book Buying Habits
4. What is your favorite work(s) of fiction to geek out over? 
(We’re talking books, TV & film, comics, etc.)

Books, comics, graphic novels, anime, and manga!

5. If you could torture your bitter enemy, how would you do it? 
(Wew…. weird questions for the win)

I don’t know! It would depend on the enemy. Different levels of torture and creativity determined by what put them in enemy territory. 

6. What was the last movie you watched?

Castle in the Sky (Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa)

...And The Nominees Are!!!


Books n All Book Promotion

Jena’s Book Blog

Red Headed Book Lover Blog

Real Tasty Pages

The Book Mediatator


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5 Questions

1. Who is your favorite side/supporting character? (Includes: any Anime, Manga, Movie, Novel, Comic, Graphic Novel, or T.V. show) 

2. If you could meet and hang out with any character, who would you choose? (Includes: any Anime, Manga, Movie, Novel, Comic, Graphic Novel, or T.V. show) 

3. Which fictional character would you want to have as a mentor? (Includes: any Anime, Manga, Movie, Novel, Comic, Graphic Novel, or T.V. show) 

4. Which fictional world would you want to live in for a month?  (Includes: any Anime, Manga, Movie, Novel, Comic, Graphic Novel, or T.V. show) 

5. Which fictional magic system do you wish you could be a part of? (Includes: any Anime, Manga, Movie, Novel, Comic, Graphic Novel, or T.V. show)