Going on Hiatus

Hello Everyone! – New and Old Followers Alike:

Things haven’t been going as I thought due to a bunch of things (health, life changes, work, etc.), and I will unfortunately have to take a few weeks break again. I wanted to avoid this, but since I haven’t been able to keep up with my weekly posts- I’m not even entirely sure when the last one was lol- I figured it would be best to just take another break.


I hope to be back in a few weeks with a continuation of book/manga & graphic novel reviews and the late posts for Tags and Awards (a big thanks to you all for the nominations!).  I’d also just like to thank all of you- including recent followers- for continuing to follow my blog 🙂


Hello lovely people! As you may have noticed I have not stuck with my review posting schedule for the past two weeks. Unfortunately, I just got terribly busy and wasn’t feeling well for a bit there. I’m not 100% percent feeling better, but I’m feeling well enough to return to my normal posting schedule next week. Review posts will be going up as normal (Tuesday & Friday) and throughout the next two weeks I shall post the missing reviews, wrap-up, and random post as well as  respond to comments (both those from last week and new ones). I plan to have all the backlogged posts up soon! 

Thank you for bearing with me! 

Standing ovation with my arms raised high over my head and slow clapping for this brilliant ‘clap back’ post on the Bookshelves & Biros Blog!

Bookshelves and Biros

So it looks like we’ve gotten to that fun part of the year again where everyone wants to take a swipe at YA because it’s the easy option.

Yesterday, it was the turn of TES columnist and English teacher turned Educational Consultant, Joe Nutt, to declare war on young adult literature in spectacularly spiteful fashion. Describing YA as a ‘dangerous fantasy’, he managed to insult readers, librarians, bloggers, authors and writers in one fell swoop.

Mr Nutt believes that young adult literature is preventing young people from becoming “genuinely literate adults“, which is interesting because the very definition of literate is to be able to read and write. The people he’s referring to clearly are reading, just not necessarily the material that Joe would seemingly shove in their direction.

The article also seems to have a problem with the terminology itself, stating that there is simply no…

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Well said, and loving that opening quote!

Cristian Mihai

“People only get really interesting when they start to rattle the bars of their cages.” –Alain de Botton
They say irony is the song of a bird who has learned to love its cage.

They also say that none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who believe themselves to be free.

We all live in a cage. We all perceive the world around us as limiting. The bars of the cage are all the people who tell us to be realistic, to be this or that, to aim lower, to please others.

To make one compromise after another.

People who tell us that we’ll never make it.

I say, rattle the bars.

Fight against the urge to settle for less than you deserve.

Truly believe in yourself and your abilities.

You are descended from warriors.

You can conquer the world. Your world. You can do whatever the hell…

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Haven’t read all the books on this list yet, but loved the show and loving the titles!

Books Rock My World

What a summer! Netflix managed to warp entire generations back into an era of genre movies, shows, books… Who doesn’t remember loving movies like E.T., Carrie, Stand By Me, Goonies, Poltergeist, Close Encounters of the Third Kind etc. Everybody knew who Steven Spielberg was, everybody knew who Steven King was. It was an exciting period! And yes, we collectively missed every single second of it.
Since then movies basically changed. Television has changed. Storytelling changed. It became safer, in a way.

Netflix recognized this collective yearning for some different times, luckily for us, and decided to take a bold step by investing into Stranger Things.  I have to say, I missed being immersed in a story like this one.
The whole feeling of the show is very 80’s. Dark and gritty. Bold, atmospheric, colourful! Amazing characters, both grown-up or children. And don’t even start me on the soundtrack… That music was PERFECTION!

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