The Prodigal Blogger Returns…again



Hey everyone!! Sorry for the long absence, had quite a few life changes this year and couldn’t give the blog and my followers the attention deserved. I’ll be trying to go back to a regular schedule now, or at least post and visit everyone when I can.

Anywho, this is a tad bit overdue- as in three or so months *cough, cough*-but I’d still like to to give my heartfelt thanks to all of you for continuing/starting to follow maniacalbookuincorn (especially given all of this year’s vanishing acts). You’ve all helped me in various ways, and though I’m a bit late I still feel the need to say:

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Anndddd I’m Back!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the wait and late replies. Maniacal Book Unicorn is finally back from a very, very (and unexpectedly) long hiatus! I have to say, I really needed the break and am feeling much better now.


I’ll be going back to the regular schedule of posting every Tuesday and Friday, as well as doing an original post/wrap-up every month. Also, until I get caught up on all the wonderful nominations I’ll be doing a couple/few reward and tags each week. After that I may try out some new things, don’t quote me on that though lol.

And of course: A big thanks to all my patient and supportive followers!



Updates Going Forward

Hello Everyone! So, as I mentioned in a recent post (I Have Returned!) there will  be a few changes here on Maniacal Book Unicorn going forward and I want to go into further details about those changes in this post.

While I was on hiatus I re-evaluated a few goals that I had set for myself when I first started this blog. There were a couple of things that I had set out to accomplish each month in order to have a wider variety of the types of Book Reviews that I posted. I had met most of the ‘variety’ related tasks I wanted to accomplish with the exception of two…which I will go on to bore you with 🙂


1. A Romance Book Review each month – I don’t tend to read very much romance related content so this is something that I have to remain conscience of so that there can be more variation in the genres/sub-genres of fiction that I review. So far I have posted a few romance related book reviews, mostly New Adult novels, but it’s something I have to hold myself accountable for.

2. A New Release Book Review each month – I have not been nearly as disciplined with this goal. A good portion of the reviews that are posted here on MBU were not read very recently before writing the review. And in cases where I have recently read the book I am reviewing it’s generally not something that was published within the past 60 days. So, going forward I want to ensure that each month I post one book review of a novel/graphic novel/manga that was published within the 60 days before I post the review.

There is also a couple things that I want to have posted each month that are not book review specific and that are also fairly new ideas that I mulled over while I was gone, and have decided to go ahead with doing. Once again allow me to bore you with aforementioned ‘things’ lol. 

1. A Post that is not a Book Review – Each month I want to make sure that there is something that goes up throughout the month that is  not a book review. I grappled with this idea before I had started this Blog, but I never felt confident/comfortable enough to actually put myself out there like that. Although I am still very nervous and apprehensive about doing this, many a people wiser than I have said that a person must take risks. So in the spirit of taking a leap of faith I will be posting a D.I.Y., sample of writing, discussion post, etc. each month.

2. A ‘Monthly Wrap-Up’ Post – Now that I’ve aired out all that self-doubt lol…I will let you know about this next goal, which I’m actually pretty excited about. Some of my favorite types of posts on book-/reading-centric blogs are those of the ‘Monthly Wrap-Up’ variety, and I want to try my hand at doing one each month as well. The way that I have decided to do this is to feature four picks from what I have read/reviewed that month that best matches four questions from a list of about 20 that I have created. I plan to post the list of questions sometime before I post the first Monthly Wrap-Up this month, I just have a bit of ironing out to do because some of the questions are quite similar at the moment.

Thank you for patiently reading through this post and I look forward to exploring new territory and having new experiences on Maniacal Book Unicorn! Happy Reading! 


I Have Returned!

Hello Everyone! Maniacal Book Unicorn is officially back as of Today. Following this Update Post letting you guys know that I have returned from a much needed, yet hesitantly taken, hiatus I will be returning to my regular weekly posting schedule of a Book Review every Tuesday and Friday. There are a few things that will change on the Blog going forward as I thought long and hard about ways to improve once I came back and I look forward to sharing these changes with you when the time comes. I will get around to responding to any comments, tags, award nominations that were neglected while I was gone, in the next few weeks. Thank you for continuing to support Maniacal Book Unicorn and I hope to come back better than ever!

Updates & Hiatus

Firstly I’d like to thank all 140 of my followers, both new and old, for all the continued support and patience (especially this past few weeks). You are all filled with magically awesome sauce. 


I haven’t been able to be as active within the blogging community as I’d like- keeping up with all of your wonderful posts, recommendations and comments, or been able to to keep up with my scheduled posts- there have been a few…well…a lot more than a few late posts and reviews these past month, a few of which are still not up yet…


So as much as I’d like to keep things going I will have to take a break from blogging for a few weeks to catch up with everything as well as make a couple changes with the blog. I sincerely apologize for missing so many posts and for any comments I may have missed. Frankly I’ve been way too swamped with work and life lately, so rather than having to continue neglecting the blog and followers to catch up, would prefer to just take some time to sort everything out.

So unfortunately there won’t be any reviews (sadness), but the last post of the year will be a very, very…

giphy (6).gif

…very late response to my (actual) first blogger nomination from Raistlin0903

When I return all the late reviews will be completed and posted. I’ll still try to be present on social media (Twitter and Instagram), and keep up with other wordpress blog posts, but may only make it on once a week or so. I hope to be back to my scheduled blogging by mid-January first with a now overdue response to Matthew ‘s (Matt-in-the-Hat) much appreciated blog award nomination (pure awesomeness!), and with a post detailing some new things I’d like to try on the blog. 

Anywho, I hope you all have a great holiday! Happy New Years!